Couples Of The Century

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Hey guys sorrie that i havent been posting any pics. I moved back to Nevada and have been focusing on School && i got a job working at Papa Johns so.. i’m sorrie. i love you guys. I have about close to 6,000 followers so thank you so much for putting at smile on my face. Ima try and Post pics as much as possible. Stay Gorgeous.

                                                                   Love, LinLin (:

Anonymous said: thankks for showin' me and my boo on your blog

Oh Yur Welcomee(: If you guys have anymore pics of you guys, i would be happy to show them on the Blog. 

                                        Stay Gorgeous,  


Anonymous said: Can we submit pics to yuu ?

Hell yaa. (:

Submit Yo Photos Todaay

HEY YOU !!!! Yeah You ! Do you got pictures of you & your lover? Well then… Submit them to me & i will post them on this Blog so then everyone can see how much you & your lover love each other. (: && to make it even better i will try my best to have your pic get alot of posts. i’ll keep posting it, saypositive things about yur picture, & even make it the background &profile picture. ! So submit to me & watch your love come known to everyone. 

                                                                  -LinLin (:

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